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We’ve been following the evolution of video sunglasses for the last three years.  What started out as strange looking and very bulky, “spy glasses”,  have now transformed into very cool and functional sunglasses.

The technology of video sunglasses has now improved to the point that they can substitute or complement a POV video camera (Go Pro, Contour, etc).  Video Sunglasses have similar capture resolution, frame capture rates, lens degrees and battery lives as a standard POV camera, and are priced the same or cheaper!

Here’s a few things to keep in mind when looking for a pair of HD Video Sunglasses:

  • Resolution — Size of the original photo/video — we suggest 720 pixels and up.
  • Lens Degree  – This gives more viewing area   — minimum 90 degrees, but 127 degrees and up are best.
  • Frames per Second — How quickly the video is captured — we suggest over 24 FPS
  • Functions — Photos, Videos, sounds etc — usually a personal preference.
  • Memory — On Board or Memory Card or both — Its really best to have the memory card option, so can switch out cards.
  • Battery — Best video sunglasses have recharge Li-Po batteries — Look for run time greater than 1 hour.
  • Sunglass Lens Quality — Tint, Polarized, Multiple Lenses — usually a personal preference — like sunglasses better features cost more
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Video Taken with Cam Sports Coach Video Sunglasses

This video was taken with the Cam Sports Coach Video Sunglasses.  Notice how the sharp the picture quality is.  Also the light auto adjusts on the camera as different lighting situations arise.   Also the picture is very stable given this video was captured with driving in a convertible.   You really feel like your in the drivers set iwith these video sunglasses.

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